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Surf Zombies raise surf rock from the dead with fast, crazy, original instrumentals that straddle retro surf, bubblegum punk and garage rock, conjuring images of beach parties, Saturday morning cartoons, and hot rod car shows. The driving rhythms, swirling tremolo, crashing spring reverb from dueling guitars and authentic growl of vintage tube amps make for a truly weird Midwestern wonder. Surf Zombies have played in all corners of Iowa and frequently visit Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, and Nebraska. They twice shared the stage with the late surf guitar godfather Dick Dale, have a beer named after them from Iowa Brewing Company, and received the Spirit Award from the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017.

“The Surf Zombies set was the absolute perfect way to wrap up Iowa Public Radio's activities at the 2019 80/35 Festival. […] I couldn't help wondering why festivals aren't more careful to be sure to book bands like Surf Zombies more often. It was a long weekend, […]Surf Zombies were the perfect antidote.”

-Al Schares, Iowa Public Radio

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Surf Lessons

Live at WIlson's Orchard in Iowa City - Hotdoggin' 

Live at Captain Roy’s - Road Rage 


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